What does that mean?

The word "Cha," stands for charismatic. "Macra" is an abbreviation for macramé, which is a knotting art that I've been teaching myself for several years. I owe the inspiration for my work to my healthy body.

The ginkgo leaf with the spiral represents my personal connection to nature. Through nature, I exist and have an impact. Recognizing individual beauty in everything is a lesson I've learned from nature and my work with human beings. Why not highlight what's already there?

That's exactly what my heart is set on.

How it all began...

It all started wonderfully uncomplicated during a handpan music lesson with a good friend and companion. He was in search of a "protective band" for his handpan. He couldn't find one that met his expectations, as they were either quickly sold out or didn't have the desired qualities. I became curious and asked to see one of these objects. At first glance, I recognized the macramé pattern and couldn't help but laugh. Up to that point, I had only used this technique for making jewelry."I'll make you one of those bands."

And so the journey began.

See you soon,