Your Rope

Create your own Rope...


 I source the Paracord from Their partner rope manufacturer is located in central Switzerland. They import thin yarn threads from abroad and produce this Paracord from them. Currently, the rope manufacturer offers a color range of 28 different shades.

Here, you can choose your color combination and specify it when placing your order.

Color assortment


Choose your preferred pattern. They are called: 

1. Cross

2. One String

3. Bridge

Cross and Bridge combine wonderfully in two colors. On the other hand, One String looks best in a single color


Each manufacturer provides an individual datasheet for their respective handpan. Under the Diameter section, you will find the information you need. Multiply these measurements by π to get the circumference. 


How does it look?

Handpan enthusiasts often have these questions: How does this color look in daylight? Does this pattern match? Can I visualize it?

Making the right choice through the screen can be a challenge. 

Here, I aim to provide some help. This gallery is for inspiration and showcases various models.


 Have you chosen your color(s) and pattern? Calculated the circumference of your instrument? Then share your creation with me.