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A Handpan rope primarily serves to protect the instrument. In practice, it has no impact on its acoustics. At the same time, it enhances its visual beauty.

This way, you can give your instrument a unique personal touch.

Currently, I am working with the following materials:

Paracord (Polyester) 

Cork leather (for the cord ends)

Are there other raw materials available? 

 You can't find your preferred material?

Ask me, and together we'll find a way to bring your idea to life.



Paracord offers the following advantages: 

it has a high breaking strength, is durable, water-resistant, washable, does not fray, provides more coverage, and looks aesthetically pleasing.

Washing instructions

 Paracord can be effectively cleaned at 30 degrees Celsius on the gentle cycle with the lowest spin speed. I recommend placing the cord in a laundry bag to prevent tangling. Afterwards, allow it to air dry.

How often? My recommendation: If used frequently, once a month.

How do I secure my Rope?